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Whether it is the weekly grocery shopping trips that you need to make or the arrangements that you’ll need to make at work, the list of tasks that need to be sorted out are limitless. Those struggling with past conditions who are trying to overcome their addictions, however, face an even greater challenge because of how the current conditions create an unsafe environment. As more and more time is spent cooped up indoors with very little room to be proactive and preoccupied, the environment that any recovering addict is in becomes far more conducive for anxiety and uncertainty, which can lead to a potential relapse.

Given the current circumstances posed by the crisis and its effects on the road to recovery, it may seem like the only answer is to go to in-person local rehabs. While the answer may seem straightforward, there’s one question that comes up for those who rely on drug rehab centers for recovery:

Is it advisable to go to in-person local drug rehabs during the current pandemic?

The most direct answer to this question is that the only way it would be safe for you or someone else to get in-person treatment during the pandemic is if your treatment center is ready to take patients in.

Thanks to the fast action of the US FDA and the consistent efforts of clinics in America, some drug addiction treatment centers have reopened their doors to help those looking to live cleaner lives. Should you find that there is no available means that you can seek in the meantime, then it’s advisable to stay at home and wait it out.

What can you do if you can’t go to an in-patient rehab center?

If you don’t have a local drug “rehab near me” that can go to, there are a few different ways you can circumvent the current predicament by yourself for the meantime and cope with isolation:

Seek digital addiction treatments

The field of addiction treatment has adapted to the current conditions and provided a wide range of available online services that anyone can use to continue treatments. Generally, simply asking your regular rehab center or doing a quick online search will help you get back on track and stay consistent with your addiction recovery.

Keep company

Another effective way to beat the challenges of isolation as you fight your past addictions is to stay with someone—whether a family member or friend—until everything ends. The presence of another person around you at all times will help establish a sense of accountability, open up more protection and guidance, and make sure that you have someone to talk to when times get tough. By having a caring person around, you’ll be able to avoid any strong urges and help calm yourself down in case the relapses become too overwhelming.

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Is It Safe to Go to Local Drug Rehabs?

Living in this current pandemic can easily prove to be a trying time for anyone looking to overcome an addictive past, especially when it comes to receiving consistent treatment. By taking note of the two tips mentioned above, however, you can put up a strong fight until it is safe to receive in-person rehabilitation again!

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Who Should go to a Local Rehab?

If you have a loved one or a member of your family addicted to drugs and alcohol, then you should be considering the options for local rehabs. Although many people assume that treatment centers are only for people with serious disorders such as alcohol or drug addiction. Treatment centers often offer treatment options for those who have problems with alcoholism, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, depression, bulimia, and other issues. In these treatment facilities, patients are evaluated to determine what type of treatment is necessary for them. Some centers specialize in treating drug abuse while others focus on specific issues.

Local Rehab Treatment Programs

The treatment programs offered by local rehabs are designed to help patients overcome their addiction. In order to provide the best treatment possible, these centers have skilled staff members who have specialized training and education in the area of addiction treatment. Some addiction treatment centers provide a wide variety of therapies and programs.

They will also utilize medication to help patients overcome their cravings and addictions. Depending on the type of substance abuse that the patient suffers from, a treatment center may use a combination of counseling, medication, or a residential rehab program to address the issue. In addition, many of these treatment centers also offer life skills programs to help patients deal with daily activities. Many centers will even offer group therapy sessions for patients to get to know each other and form bonds. 

Are all Local Rehabs the Same?

Local addiction treatment centers offer a variety of different programs and therapies. If a loved one or friend has problems with addiction and he or she is looking to start a new life, then it is important to find a treatment center that offers the best possible treatment options. Although there are a number of treatment centers for those who suffer from substance abuse problems, not all offer the same services. By visiting one or more of the local rehabs that offer drug rehab programs, you can learn about the various programs available to help those struggling with addiction get back on track.

What To Do

Why Getting Help is Important

22 million people suffer from some level of drug or alcohol abuse in the United States every year. The reasons why people turn to such destructive behaviors vary from depression to domestic violence to countless other reasons. Further, substance abuse can result in financial problems, relationship struggles, failure in school, domestic violence, and more.

Finding local drug rehabs can be a way to learn how to overcome addiction. Very few people can fight addiction and mental health issues on their own. It’s okay to ask for help and finding a local drug rehab that offers the necessary services can ensure a person gets on the right path.

Those who suffer from mental health issues often turn to addiction. In some instances, the individual doesn’t know that they are spiraling out of control – it’s friends, family, or coworkers that notice it.

Finding a local drug rehab in their area ensures that they get the help that is needed. It is personalized based on both mental health issues and the drugs that are being used.

A local rehab allows a person to understand that they can function without the use of drugs and alcohol. Opioids and other drugs can have long-term effects on the body. It’s why a detox is often necessary. Further, help ensures that a person learns how to avoid such temptations in the future.

No two people are alike, which is why getting help is critical. There’s no way to know how a person will react once they are no longer taking a drug. Finding a local drug rehab allows a person to get professional help every step of the way.

Overcoming addiction is often a lifelong struggle. It takes saying “no” at every turn. With the right rehab program, a person can get back onto the right path, repair relationships, and live a happy, healthy life free of drugs and alcohol.

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How to Find Local Rehabs

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Once an individual decides they are ready to start the road to recovery, it’s all about finding a facility. This can be difficult as many people don’t want to talk about their problems. They don’t want to admit to the world that they are going to check themselves into rehab. As such, most people aren’t going to rely on word of mouth.

The search can be easy. With the directory in place, it makes it easy to find a recovery regardless of where a person is located. It’s simply a matter of choosing the location, the needed services, and exploring rehab centers.

There’s a right fit for everyone, but it can take some time to find that fit. It’s why most centers offer an initial meeting at no cost. A person can go in, talk with an addiction specialist, and even tour the facility. Then, it’s possible to continue to repeat the process until there’s a local rehab that feels comfortable.

What To Do

Locating the Right Treatment Center

Local drug rehabs can vary dramatically in terms of the services that are offered. As such, it’s critical to make some comparisons. Everyone has a sense of what they need based on the level of addiction, comfort zones, and more.


When a person is still on drugs, there may be a significant amount of toxins within their system. As such, before they can truly embrace the activities at a local rehab, it’s important to go through detoxification.

By working with professionals during the detox, it ensures that it’s a safe and comfortable process. Some people will experience considerable side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

There are two different types of detox that can be offered:

  • Clinical detox: this is a non-medical approach where a person is given the space to detox without any kind of medical intervention. There may be peer encouragement and professional support to cheer a person on.
  • Medically assisted detox: this is when a medical or mental health professional oversees the detox, which can include using medications to help ease the cravings and help a person rid their body of the toxins faster and more effectively.

Determining which detox method used will be based on the level of physical dependence, what substance is being abused, and whether a person wants to have medical assistance or not.

Dual Diagnosis

A dual diagnosis is extremely common – and it’s estimated that 1 in 4 adults who have a mental illness also encounter a substance abuse disorder. The problem that too many face is that they can either get help for the mental illness or substance abuse – not both.

By finding a local rehab that can cater to a dual diagnosis, a person can get the help that they need by treating both issues simultaneously. Many who have a dual diagnosis are considered high-risk. There’s a high suicide rate and some have violent tendencies – and it’s all the more reason to ensure they get the help they need. An integrated approach ensures that a person gets the care they need all at one facility. It can lead to a higher success rate so a person can truly be helped.

Some of the more common mental illnesses that can be treated alongside addiction include:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

No one should feel as though they are on their own. Good dual diagnosis programs are out there, and they work at a pace that is comfortable for the individual.


Counseling allows a person to talk through their issues with licensed counselors. It ensures a person can process their emotions and learn about the various physical and mental triggers that lead them to their substance of choice. Throughout the counseling sessions, a person learns to identify why they have become addicted and how they can avoid such patterns in the future.

Rehab centers may offer a variety of counseling options:

One-on-one: This type of counseling involves only the person suffering from addiction and the counselor.

Family: This type of counseling can be a way to involve family members. It can be a way to talk through behaviors and repair relationships that have been harmed by the addiction.

Group/peer: This type of counseling involves a group of peers. A person can learn that they are not alone in their actions or their thoughts. It allows a person to hear the personal testimonies of others. As one progresses through the treatment plan, group counseling can replace one-on-one sessions as a way to be able to connect with peers. Those met within the group counseling sessions can also end up being a part of one’s support system even outside of the rehab center.

In many instances, the counseling continues long after a person has finished their rehab program. It is ongoing as a way to lend support and give them a free space where they can talk about a relapse or simply a hard day where they considered turning to a substance again.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehabs

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There are both inpatient and outpatient rehabs available to those seeking to overcome addiction. While inpatient rehabs tend to be more inclusive in the therapy, outpatient rehabs tend to be more convenient.

Often, it comes down to what a person needs based on the level of addiction and their overall lifestyle.

With an inpatient facility, a person commits to spending a certain amount of time in the facility. This can be for two weeks or longer. A person stays at the facility and follows a strict schedule of courses, counseling, and even yoga or other therapeutic activities. Some local rehabs will require a person to stay the entire time while other local rehabs will allow a person to leave if they desire mid-way through.

An outpatient facility means that a person continues to live at home. They may continue to care for children, attend work, and more. However, they will attend various workshops, counseling sessions, and more at the facility. For people who must still maintain an active life, the outpatient facility offers them the flexibility that is needed to focus on rehabilitation without having to commit to leaving their life behind for weeks or months at a time.

By working with local rehabs, it’s an opportunity to get professional help. The main advantage of working with professional counselors and addiction specialists is that the treatment plan is personalized. A person can be properly diagnosed. Their detox and therapy are monitored every step of the way. It can ensure a person is making the necessary progress. Further, they learn life-long tools to help them fight a relapse.

Many local rehabs will also offer ongoing support in the form of meetups and group counseling sessions. It ensures that no one is left to their own devices. Books, webinars, and other self-help tools don’t provide personalization and ongoing support.

Help is available to anyone at any time. Finding a local rehab is simple, and the search can begin now. With professional help, those suffering from an addiction can learn a better way to go through life.

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