How to Tell if Weed is Laced: What is Weed Typically Laced With?

how to know if your weed is laced

Laced weed is weed that is sold or considered to have been altered with another substance. This is different from weed that is contaminated with mold or other natural elements. Lacing is often a form of impurity in which another substance replaces the original product.

Many times, weed is laced with other substances to add weight or bulk to the amount of the original product to make it more profitable. If the weed being sold is already of high quality, there is no need to lace it with another substance. The marijuana itself is often a very potent, high-quality product.

In this article, we will explore an important topic that can help you understand and be aware of the substances you’re taking. It’s crucial to know when weed is laced so that you can protect yourself and make informed decisions.

Here is what you need to know about how to tell when weed is laced:

Can I Know if Weed is Laced Even Before Smoking it?

Unfortunately, you cannot usually know if weed is laced just by looking at it. However, there are situations where this is not the case. Sometimes, marijuana that is laced will have a color that is more off than the color of the original marijuana. This isn’t always the case, but it is a sign of a laced product in some situations.

When marijuana is laced, it can be tough to know the full ingredients you are consuming. Even as you smoke it, you may not be able to detect the other substances.

Your best bet is to purchase your product from a reputable vendor. You should ensure that you’re familiar with the cannabis you’re buying and smoking. You can use and to help identify cannabis brands with a good reputation and the best quality.

Ask yourself, do you know the origin of the product you are purchasing? Is it a reputable brand? Are you buying marijuana from a reputable source? If you have any doubt, ask the vendor.

But also ask yourself, is it laced? If you are unsure, avoid it.

How You Can Detect When Weed is Laced

The most obvious method is to ask the person selling the weed. If you are purchasing marijuana from someone else, you need to be familiar with the way weed should look, feel, and appear. It’s very easy for someone to hide something in a joint that you wouldn’t expect to be there or in a blunt wrap that you wouldn’t expect to be there.

If you are unsure whether your weed is laced, your best bet is to purchase it from a reputable source and be familiar with how it should look and feel. Being familiar with your product will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you are smoking the best product possible.

By knowing what kinds of substances others put in marijuana, you will better identify if you do not want to take that chance. 

Two main ways laced weed can be identified. The first is through the smell. Even if the smell is disguised or less noticeable, you may notice a smell that is the same or similar to the smell of the substance that was added to the weed.

If the potency or potency is less than expected, you may notice it because of the smell. This can be used for both weed that has been laced and weed that has been contaminated.

The second way to detect laced weed is by noticing the effects. If the effects are not as expected, it could be because the marijuana is laced. It’s crucial to know that you have to be extremely careful and observant when consuming marijuana to identify if it is laced.

Is it Common for Weed to be Laced with Other Substances?

There is a wide range of substances used for this purpose, whether to change the taste of your weed or to add weight to the product.

One of the most common substances is PCP or phencyclidine. It can be found in PCP-laced marijuana or in what is known as moon rocks. Moon Rocks are a potent weed cigarette that sometimes blunts or joints often wrapped in foil. The PCP is used to give the product an added weight, and they are then soaked in marijuana and smoked.

can weed be laced
Laced Weed

Other substances are also available, such as Ketamine, MDMA, and cocaine. They can be placed in the joints or blunts that are being smoked, or they can be added to joints or blunts, placed in the blunt wraps themselves, or even added to the marijuana in joints.

What is Weed Typically Laced with?

There are a wide variety of substances that are laced with weed. Many of these substances are very potent, so it can be very dangerous to smoke laced marijuana. The substances that are used to lace marijuana have a wide range of effects.

Some of the most common substances that are laced with marijuana include PCP, cocaine, or heroin. These substances are sometimes used as a way to increase potency and to create a stronger high. Other substances can be used to lower the price and increase the amount, like the cutting agent, caffeine.

Many of these substances are extremely dangerous, especially if you smoke laced marijuana. It can be very difficult to know what exactly is laced in the marijuana you smoke.

Side Effects of Smoking Laced Weed

There are a variety of side effects associated with smoking laced weed. The first is that a person may not be aware that they are consuming laced marijuana. This may lead to a stronger high, and it can also lead to the consumption of more laced marijuana, which can lead to a powerful high.

Additionally, because marijuana is laced with another substance, it can be dangerous or deadly. Some of the side effects associated with laced marijuana include paranoia, hallucinations, or other side effects associated with the added substance.

It is also possible that when you are smoking laced marijuana, you may not feel the effects of the marijuana. This can cause you to smoke more, which can lead to a stronger high, leading to an overdose.

What You Should Do If You Suspect Laced Weed

The first step is to get to a safe place and not drive. Doing this can increase the chances of you being safe and surviving the experience.

Secondly, you will want to get to a safe place, and you want to be sure that you are not in any situation where you are going to harm yourself or others.

You want to be sure that you are in a safe place if you need to call 911.


It is crucial to be aware that many substances are used for lacing weed. Marijuana is a potent drug, and if consumed incorrectly, it can lead to some severe effects. There are many ways to identify if your marijuana has been laced. Still, it is most important to remember that you should always purchase your cannabis products from a reputable source. 

Be sure to understand the product you are consuming and how it should look and feel. If you ever suspect that your weed is laced, you may want to purchase a home drug test or a urine drug test. These tests can identify if your weed is laced.