Stepping Stones Home Colby House II Azusa CA 91702

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18417 Orkney Street, Azusa, California 91702

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Stepping Stones Home Colby House II Azusa CA 91702

Stepping Stones Home is a drug addiction treatment program that helps people addicted to alcohol and other drugs to overcome their addictions. Unlike other drug addiction treatment programs, Stepping Stones follows a holistic approach to healing. The program strives to get the person away from the addiction and back into society as if they were never addicted in the first place. This approach is both very practical and extremely effective. You can easily see that what is being offered at Stepping Stones is geared towards making life easier for people who have problems with addictions of all kinds.

One of the ways in which Stepping Stones helps individuals recover from drug addiction is by offering customized rooms and by giving them individual attention. Drug addiction treatment centers are designed to offer generic rooms and nurses that are basically there just to help people recover but Stepping Stones gives their patient’s personalized service. As an example, if a person needs to go for a specific drug addiction treatment program because their drug of choice is methadone, they can be sure that their room will be equipped to handle a situation such as this. They will also be able to discuss any concerns they may have freely without worrying that their privacy will be violated in any way.

Many people become addicted to alcohol and other drugs at some point in their lives but most people do not know where and when this happens. Stepping Stones works by getting people out of the negative influences that they may have on their lives every single day and helping them realize that they can overcome these influences if they truly want to. Through a personalized and strict drug addiction treatment program, people are given the tools they need to change their lives for the better and create new, drug-free habits and lifestyles. Stepping Stones Home is not a drug rehab facility; it is more of a drug addiction treatment program geared towards helping individuals kick the habit permanently.

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