Schumacher Joan C Campbell CA 95008

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621 E Campbell Ave # 17, Campbell, California 95008

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Schumacher Joan C Campbell CA 95008

The first drug rehab center that I had ever been to was in Schumacher, California. Joan C. Campbell was the director and had been a long time substance abuse and alcoholism treatment program director for the Christian Medical Center in nearby Stockton, California. Her work there gave me a lot of confidence that I could definitely find the right drug rehabilitation program for myself and my family. I started out at St. John’s Wort in the spring of 1996 and graduated in April of that year. We did not move into an inpatient facility until we were through the summer; at that point we were just outpatient. This was a good choice because I was still in the early phase of my recovery and it was much easier for me to make the transition then.

We moved into an inpatient program for a couple of months and then entered outpatient status. It was great to have the freedom to live on our own for a little while and get back to being families with our children. We also went through a residential drug rehab program and spent a good part of the next two years in an outpatient drug addiction treatment program. As you can see, we were fortunate to go through all this testing and therapy before entering a drug addiction treatment program.

During the last six months of our inpatient drug rehab program, my wife was diagnosed with cancer and she passed away on August 8th. Our children and I spent the next several days visiting her funeral home. While there, I met several other newly successful drug rehab drug treatment programs and learned about relapse prevention. This experience really hit home and made it crystal clear to me that it is very important for me and my family to go through the proper treatment program as soon as we can. In fact, I would say that this is probably a month or two away.

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