Phoenix House Carlsbad Teen Recovery Center Carlsbad CA 92008

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785 Grand Avenue, Carlsbad, California 92008

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Phoenix House Carlsbad Teen Recovery Center Carlsbad CA 92008

Phoenix House is a well-established, faith-based, addiction treatment facility for teens and adults. Established in 1987, the center has been successfully serving thousands of addicts and families throughout the region. The mission of the organization is to help those who are fighting back against addiction reclaim their lives and their future. If you or a loved one are fighting with a drug problem, the professionals at Phoenix House Carlsbad offer a variety of drug treatment programs that can help them get the help they need and deserve.

Drug addiction is a serious problem. It not only destroys the lives of those who are affected, but it also destroys the family unit as well. People in the general public often don’t see drug rehab as the desirable option for those who have a problem, but this is simply untrue. Drug rehab centers work to help those struggling with substance abuse overcome the disease, but it doesn’t just end there. People struggling with a drug problem must be assisted in every way possible, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The Phoenix House staff will go out of their way to ensure your needs are met at their center.

While many in the general public are unfamiliar with a drug rehab center such as Phoenix House, it is a very real option for those who are fighting back against drugs. This is a highly respected addiction treatment facility located in Carlsbad, NM. If you or a loved one is fighting a drug problem, it is important that you contact the Phoenix House Drug Rehabilitation Center in Carlsbad, NM. The professionals at this facility will assist you in finding a drug treatment program that will meet both your needs and your sense of self worth.

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