Villa Kali Ma - A Place for Transformation Carlsbad CA 92009

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2912 Managua Place, Carlsbad, California 92009

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Villa Kali Ma - A Place for Transformation Carlsbad CA 92009

Villa Kali Ma in Carlsbad, NM offers a wide variety of treatment programs to those who are suffering from substance abuse and alcoholism. In particular, the Villa Kali treatment program strives to provide quality, comprehensive addiction treatment programs to those who have alcohol and drug addictions and/or mental health problems. The primary focus of this 12-step recovery program is on abstinence and self-acceptance. This recovery program focuses on working with individuals to overcome their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual addiction to alcohol and drugs. The Villa Kali program believes that individuals who suffer from addiction are broken and need help to rebuild their lives and their life in general.

Villa Kali Ma in Carlsbad offers a large variety of treatment options for those suffering from addiction and alcoholism. These options include but are not limited to, individual and group counseling, group therapy, and experiential therapy. Individual and group counseling is offered in a relaxed atmosphere, which allows you the privacy you need to process your feelings and work through your issues. Your therapist will be able to help you gain a better understanding of why you feel the way you do and what it is that makes you feel pleasure or pain. Your therapist will give you the tools to communicate effectively and will help you develop new ways of thinking so you can overcome your addiction and substance abuse.

When you join Villa Kali Ma, you will also be given the opportunity to participate in a residential treatment center. This residential treatment program will provide you with the structure and support you need to safely and comfortably transition from your alcohol addiction to sobriety. The residential treatment program will also help you develop your self-esteem and develop your sense of self-direction so you can become an even better functioning member of society. The goal of the program is to offer you help and healing so you can live a life free of addiction and alcoholism. Villa Kali Ma is committed to giving you the tools you need to successfully complete your alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

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