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2545 Ceanothus Avenue, Chico, California 95973

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Graham P David M F C C Chico CA 95973

Drug rehabilitation is basically the medical process of psychotherapeutic or medical therapy for overcoming dependency upon psychoactive drugs like alcohol, street drugs like cocaine, amphetamines or methamphetamines. The process of drug rehabilitation helps patients overcome dependency without using a controlled substance, in the sense that they consume only healthy food and liquids and avoid taking any substance that can harm their bodies. Patients undergo a thorough assessment in order to determine whether there are any underlying medical conditions or psychological problems which might hinder drug rehabilitation. Most patients suffering from alcoholism treatment program (CBT) are found to have substance abuse problems which could be treated successfully by a well qualified drug rehabilitation center.

When a patient enters a drug rehabilitation facility he/she undergoes behavioral therapy and aftercare treatment under the guidance of a trained therapist. The aim of behavioral therapy is to facilitate rapid recovery and thereby increase motivation and thereby improve the chances of success. During the behavioral therapy patients’ behaviors, thoughts and moods are examined in order to find the factors responsible for causing addiction. Treatment methods include individual and group counseling, group therapy and family therapy. Family therapy helps build self-esteem, self-confidence and enables patients to make friends and builds their confidence and social power.

Aftercare or maintenance treatment is provided to patients who are successfully treated in the drug rehabilitation centers. In case of successful treatment the aftercare treatment should also be provided by the counselors at the rehab centers. A wide range of medications and therapies are used for achieving success in achieving abstinence from addictive substances. Twelve-step programs are developed for controlling urges, controlling the desire to take addictive substances, reducing cravings, decreasing chances of relapsing into addictive behavior and achieving long-term sobriety. Most of the successful addicts have undergone through a twelve-step program in their life.

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