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12313 Havelock Avenue, Culver City, California 90230

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Evelyn Goodman

If you want to know what is behind the success of Evelyn Goodman in her very successful drug addiction and alcoholism treatment program then there is a little bit of background that might be interesting to you. Ms. Goodman has been an avid advocate for drug prevention for many years. She has seen the damage drug addiction can do to families both mentally and physically, and she has spent a considerable amount of time working closely with the government on implementing these preventative measures. In fact, she was one of the original members of the newly formed National Drug Rehab Association (NDRA) and works as a spokesperson for them. This means that her work not only advocating for more effective drug education and prevention measures but also advocating for the need for drug rehab centers is quite impressive in and of itself.

Her success is an important indicator of how drug rehab is perceived by most people. The fact that she is able to open up about her personal circumstances and her own failures at drug rehab is a shining example to thousands of other people who may be struggling to get help for their own drug or alcohol addiction problems. Unfortunately, there are a great many others in our country who cannot make the same advances in their recovery from addiction as Ms. Goodman has made. Drug addiction treatment programs simply aren’t seen as credible enough in our society and it’s obvious that this is a huge problem.

It is my hope that Ms. Goodman’s story will help you to see the necessity of drug rehab in your own life if you or someone you love is suffering from substance abuse or addiction. We all have to realize that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease and not a mere vice. The sooner that we can all realize this truth the better for those of us who suffer from it. A serious disease such as cancer, leukemia, and Parkinson’s are fought back when the illness is detected at an early stage, but drug addiction can go on for years with no apparent cure. As Ms. Goodman has proven, if you go into a drug rehab program you can beat substance abuse and alcoholism for good.

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