Auerbach Keith MFT Encinitas CA 92037

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310 Santa Fe Dr #107, Encinitas, California 92037

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  • Addiction Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

Auerbach Keith MFT Encinitas CA 92037

Auerbach Keith MFT Encinitas CA92037 is located in Encinitas, California and is a drug addiction treatment program that offers its patients a combination of outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation and inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation. This is a facility that is one of the many in the San Diego region that have garnered a good reputation for being an effective treatment program. This is because not only does it offer a drug addiction treatment program that is top notch, but the treatments are flexible enough to cater to a variety of different patients. The program also helps to ensure that they do not put their patients at any risk of relapsing into old habits when it comes to substance abuse.

Auerbach Keith MFT Encinitas CA92037 is also the home of the Auerbach Therapy Learning Center. This is where their patients get individual therapy counseling and group therapy as part of their drug addiction treatment. Both of these types of therapy can be very beneficial to someone struggling with a drug problem. The inpatient program offers many of the same benefits of being in a residential drug rehab facility while giving the patient the chance to go on detox while still receiving all of the services that they would normally receive in a drug rehab facility. In fact, patients are usually able to continue their education in their own home while staying clean.

Many of the people who complete the Auerbach Keith MFT Encinitas CA92037 program will go on to become alcohol or drug addiction counselors or even become board certified substance abuse specialists. They help give hope to many addicts and work closely with the addicts to help them re-enter into the real world of living with courage and hope for a life without addiction. Because of these successes, many people look towards Auerbach Keith MFT Encinitas CA 92037 as a program that can help them achieve their goal.

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