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410 Hidden Trails Road, Escondido, California 92027

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Mental Health Systems Inc Escondido CA 92027

Mental Health Systems Incorporated, based in Escondido, California, is a full service addiction recovery organization. They provide a wide range of substance abuse treatment services for both adults and adolescents, focusing on issues that affect people’s chemical balance in the brain. Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Board Certified Psychiatrist and Curator of the San Diego-based nonprofit Substance Abuse Treatment Center, states that substance abuse “depends on the individual’s personal chemistry and social environment.” For most people, substance abuse treatment can be a challenging endeavor, involving cooperation from all parties involved – family, friends, doctors, and schools. The Mental Health Systems Inc. treatment model takes the notion of “cooperation” one step further by requiring complete and active participation from all involved to create a positive and meaningful change.

Drug Rehab in Sarasota, Florida is another great option for substance abuse treatment. This multi-faceted facility offers a wide variety of drug rehab programs for various ages and various degrees of addiction. In Sarasota, patients are referred to different specialists for the best treatment options. The comprehensive approach of Drug Rehab simply means that the entire treatment process needs to be coordinated with the right diagnosis, allowing for optimal results. The Multisystemic Approach (MSAA) encourages patients to address their own issues within the group setting, making treatment more personally relevant and enhancing the chances for long-term success.

In Sarasota, Florida, Harmar Drug Rehabilitation Center serves the local community with a variety of substance abuse treatment options. A few of the treatment options offered at Harmar include drug detoxification, medication use during detoxification, and counseling and socializing programs. Drug Rehab also offers outpatient substance abuse treatment for those who do not need hospitalization. Some of the treatment options at Harmar include outpatient medication use, detoxification at home, and on-site residential treatment. Family therapy and case management are also available for those families and individuals suffering from addiction issues. All of these programs have worked successfully in the past and will continue to offer effective services to those suffering from addiction issues.

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