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210 South Juniper St., Suite 213, Escondido, California 92025

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Susanne M. Dillmann

If you are looking for an alcoholism treatment program that is both comprehensive and interesting, you should look no further than the private practices of Susanne M. Dillmann. Her private drug rehab clinic has earned the respect of many patients who have experienced first hand her caring and compassionate approach to addiction recovery. Her well-known seminars on substance abuse and alcoholism treatment will educate you on the path to sobriety and give you hope for a life of recovery. In her private drug rehab clinic, patients receive personalized care with staff members who truly understand their unique needs. A highly sought after feature is the treatment of patients at their own pace, which allows them to receive counseling and therapy one-on-one without interference from others.

Dr. Susanne M. Dillmann treats many types of patients including but not limited to, alcoholics, drug addicts, teens, and adults. Her holistic approach combines medicinal treatments along with education, motivation, and spiritual guidance to produce effective, life-transforming results. Her drug addiction treatment program combines 12-step programs, individual treatment plans for patients with a variety of underlying problems, and educational programs geared toward maintaining sobriety. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact the private practice of Dr. Susanne M. Dillmann today.

Susanne M. Dillman is a world-class addiction expert and has treated patients suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, and other substance abuse disorders for more than 35 years. Her innovative treatment program will help you become free of your addictions and lead a productive and drug-free life. Her primary goal is to educate you and help you to lead a life free from addiction and dependency. Her holistic medical approach promotes recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, while emphasizing lifestyle changes. Your treatment will begin with an initial consultation at a private practice in Burbank, California, followed by detox and residential treatment at a facility in Palm Desert, California.

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