Alcoholics Anonymous Central Glendora CA 91740

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849 E Route 66 Suite D, Glendora, California 91740

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Alcoholics Anonymous Central Glendora CA 91740

One of the most reputed alcoholics anonymous treatment programs can be found at Central Glendora in California. This particular facility is well known for the outstanding results that it achieves with its clients. Central Glendora is a fine example of a drug rehab facility in that it has successfully treated both substance abuse and alcoholism, thereby distinguishing itself from other similar treatment programs. Central Glendora offers one on one counseling, group therapy, and a total detox program to their patients. The drug rehabilitation program offered here combines various treatment modalities such as cognitive behavior therapy, family therapy, and individual counseling to ensure that each patient is given individual attention.

Alcoholics Anonymous has several branches located all across America. However, the main center in Central Glendora, which is called twelve-step recovery, is considered the best program in the area. It provides an effective way to kick the habit permanently and also helps patients overcome the fear of relapsing into addiction once the program is over. The 12-step program consists of twelve basic steps which help a person to identify and develop new ways of thinking and actions in order to avoid alcohol or drug use in the future. The Central facility also emphasizes physical exercise as part of treatment in order to improve the general condition of the addict as well as providing relief from withdrawal symptoms.

People suffering from alcoholism can also avail of the outpatient substance abuse treatment program offered at Central. This program allows patients to live independently, go to meetings when needed, and gives them the opportunity to change their life for the better. The Glendora facility is highly regarded for its high success rates and success stories of many addicts. However, people suffering from any form of addiction are advised to consult their nearest treatment center to receive the appropriate drug addiction treatment. For more information on drug addiction treatment in California, contact your nearest local facility.

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