Barry- Mrs. Sharla Marlene- RN- MFT La Mesa CA 91942

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5575 Lake Park Way Suite 114, La Mesa, California 91942

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Barry- Mrs. Sharla Marlene- RN- MFT La Mesa CA 91942

The Barry center is located in Riverside, California and is run by Mrs. Latoya Barry. This center was founded as a drug abuse rehab in order to help families and individuals overcome their drug addictions. It was named after Mrs. Barry’s own mother, who died from alcoholism caused by prescription drugs. The drug rehab center offers several different types of treatments including outpatient rehabilitation services, inpatient detoxification services and inpatient alcohol/drug rehab services.

The Bettysville center is another highly reputable drug rehab center. Located in rural northwestern North Carolina, the Bettysville center is run by the Rev. Richard C. Fagan. The center serves everyone, no matter what kind of drug addiction they are suffering from. The center uses twelve step programs and traditional spiritual therapies for their drug rehab programs and treatment centers.

The Connecticut rehab center is run by Dr. Sam Quinan. The center specializes in working with young people who have drug abuse problems and controlling their behavior. The center also provides treatment for those who have a substance abuse problem and need counseling and therapy. For more information on this center, visit their web site at Connecticut Addiction Treatment Center. available at the facility. The center accepts all types of patients, but especially those with substance abuse problems.

If you or someone you know needs help, you can contact any one of the above mentioned drug rehab centers. Their professional staff will work with you to help you get the help that you need. No one should ever be without help when it comes to drugs and alcohol. The Internet is a great source of information. Search the websites of the different drug rehab centers and treatment centers and read what others have to say. No matter which center you decide to go to, make sure that you are prepared for a good stay at the facility and you will be able to go out feeling happy and healthy.

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