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2731 Nugget Avenue, Lake Isabella, California 93240

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College Community Services Lake Isabella CA 93240

The Drug Rehabilitation Center at Lake Isabella, CA, specializes in providing quality, comprehensive addiction treatment for individuals suffering from various kinds of drug addictions including alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, prescription medications, and marijuana. With a long standing history of effective treatment, the center has been successfully treating patients with varying degrees of addiction for more than 35 years. In keeping with the latest, cutting-edge technology, treatment at the center is carried out by highly trained, licensed professionals. This enables the professionals to treat the patients in an individualized manner, thus enabling them to fight the addiction completely and help them lead an alcohol-free life.

Drug Rehab’s highly skilled, licensed therapists use a variety of highly sophisticated therapies to help patients overcome their addiction to drugs and other substances of abuse. Some of the common therapies used at the rehab center include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Structured Communication Therapy (SCT), and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment (ART). Along with these therapies, the center incorporates religious-based recovery programs and activities such as spiritual counseling, meditation, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and activities, Bible study, yoga, and music therapy. The wide variety of services offered at the Lake Isabella community services ensures that patients can receive appropriate drug treatment, in a setting that is supportive and confidential. This helps to ensure that the process of getting clean and staying clean is as comfortable and successful as possible for the patient and his or her family and friends.

The comprehensive treatment approach at the Lake Isabella, CA rehab treatment center allows it to effectively treat the various aspects of drug addiction, including physical, mental, and emotional health. Drug Rehab provides patients with the expert knowledge and expertise in the field of addiction treatment to help them get on with their lives and resume living a drug-free life. At the Lake Isabella, CA treatment center, you will be surrounded by people who are dedicated to one another and willing to help you through your recovery. You can be sure of being given personal attention, as well as professional counseling and therapy. With the comprehensive services offered by the Lake Isabella, CA rehab treatment center, you can recover from substance abuse successfully and become a stronger, healthier individual.

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