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3718 South Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90066

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New Vistas Sober Living Los Angeles CA 90066

If you have decided that you need help to change your life and start living a new lifestyle, you may be interested in what New Vistas Sober Living Los Angeles CA has to offer you. New Vistas Sober Living is located in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley, which is conveniently near downtown Los Angeles. The residents of New Vistas Sober Living reside in their own luxurious homes, and benefit from access to top quality healthcare, activities and recreational options, as well as a wealth of recreational and wellness resources. This type of environment is perfect for someone who wants to detox from their drug addiction, while living on their own, and taking advantage of all the help available to them. Drug rehab programs do not work for everyone, and this holistic addiction recovery program may be exactly what you need to break free of drug addiction and begin a new life.

New Vistas Sober Living provides residential drug rehab programs to their residents, which are focused on achieving a sound balance between therapy and action. Drug abuse and alcohol use affect nearly one in four people in the United States, and alcohol use disorders can lead to serious health consequences such as cirrhosis and cancer. In addition, drug addiction treatment programs often fail for one reason or another. This is why so many people are now considering finding a home at New Vistas Sober Living, where they can get help in a comfortable environment, and achieve their goal of living a drug-free life. If you are ready to take charge of your own recovery, and work towards becoming drug-free, then contact New Vistas Sober Living to schedule a visit with the drug rehab team.

New Vistas Sober Living provides the highest quality in drug rehab facilities, including a full suite of holistic treatments, which includes nutrition, meditation, exercise, social support groups, and a strong support network for those in the program. They have been a trusted drug rehab program for over twenty years and boast a staff of licensed professionals who understand how to treat drug and alcohol addicts. New Vistas offers highly trained staff and an environment that is drug and alcohol free. If you are ready to begin a drug rehabilitation program, then contact New Vistas Sober Living for more information on their five star drug rehab facility.

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