La Casa Ujima Residential Treatment Program Martinez CA 94553

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904 Mellus St., Martinez, California 94553

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La Casa Ujima Residential Treatment Program Martinez CA 94553

La Casa Ujima Residential Treatment Program is a faith-based rehabilitation facility that offers drug addiction treatment for pregnant women of childbearing age who have been compromised by substance abuse. The La Casa Ujima program offers individualized care with an emphasis on nutrition, psychology and spirituality to address the specific needs of each client. La Casa Ujima Residential Treatment Program offers evidence-based support for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. The program utilizes a twelve-step recovery program and a variety of programs designed to meet the diverse needs of clients. Drug Rehabilitation clinics at the center offer state of the art drug addiction treatment including medication-assisted therapy, inpatient drug rehab, day/night detox, hot room detox, private rehab facility services, life coaching, and pulmonary rehabilitation.

The treatment provided by the La Casa Ujima residential drug rehab clinic includes individual, group, family, and family therapy as well as an extensive psychosocial program focused on nutrition, sociology, psychology and other areas of drug addiction recovery. The center strives to provide its clients with an environment that encompasses spirituality and personal growth, while providing them with opportunities for self-reflection and spiritual development. The goal of La Casa Ujima is to offer quality substance abuse and addiction treatment for all types of substance users.

Treatment includes an integrated approach to addiction and a comprehensive service delivery system that ensure comprehensive treatment for all clients. Treatment for drug abuse disorders takes place in a setting that provides a safe and supportive environment for clients to work through their issues without fear of relapse or isolation. The goal of the treatment process is to provide an intensive one-on-one drug treatment experience that produces profound improvements in all areas of the client’s life. Substance abuse disorders can result in serious consequences such as employment or housing issues and social status problems. For many individuals and families who have struggled with drug addiction and other forms of co-occurring mental health issues, the importance of receiving treatment is of utmost importance. The La Casa Ujima Residential Treatment Program strives to offer its clients the best possible care so that they can lead productive and drug-free lives.

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