Ritter Center Novato CA 94949

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1399 Hamilton Parkway, Novato, California 94949

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Ritter Center Novato CA 94949

Ritter Center is a drug rehab in Novato, California. The center was established for the sole purpose of helping addicts to overcome their addictions and return to a healthy and normal life. It provides all types of drug addiction treatment for those suffering from substance abuse issues. The drug rehab center offers residential rehabilitation and outpatient treatment for adults, teens, children and families. All of these treatment options are covered under one policy and all of them are covered under Medicare.

The treatment for substance abuse at Ritter Center is not similar to other drug and alcohol treatment facilities. This center stands out with its unique approach to treating drug and alcohol addicts. The approach of Ritter Center is more holistic, which focuses on the patient’s entire physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual being. Drug addiction and alcoholism treatment here incorporate the science of neuroplasticity therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. With this comprehensive approach, patients can be successfully treated for their addictions and become free from drug and alcohol use.

The main goal of Ritter Center is to provide personalized drug addiction treatment programs to each patient based on his specific needs. Drug Rehab at the facility is provided by licensed and trained personnel. These professionals understand the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient. With this, they help the patients to overcome their addictions and live a drug free life. In order to achieve this goal, drug addiction treatment at the Ritter Center requires an ongoing commitment of caring, compassionate, and compassionate staff and therapists.

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