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206 North California Avenue, Palo Alto, California 94301

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Alliance for Community Care Palo Alto CA 94301

The Alliance for Community Care provides residential drug rehab, alcohol recovery support, and other types of addiction treatment programs to people in the County of Alameda, including parts of San Mateo and Silicon Valley. Alliance for Community Care’s mission is “to provide comprehensive, specialized, patient-based, environment-focused services to enhance the quality of life for all those who suffer from substance abuse and addiction.” What they mean by “quality of life” is how well a patient’s family members are able to provide the basic human needs of food, shelter, clothing, and personal interactions. If a family member cannot care for a loved one and the person has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, this is a sign that a person is most likely suffering needlessly and should seek help. The Alliance for Community Care will refer people to relevant substance abuse treatment centers if other resources are not available in the area.

The Alliance for Community Care also coordinates with local hospitals and other health care facilities, as well as providing direct financial and medical support to families for up to eighteen months. Through the substance abuse protocol established by the Alliance for Community Care, families will be provided information on how to access good quality drug rehab, alcohol rehab and other residential drug rehab services. The protocol also outlines ways to build a co-op for at-risk kids, called a “housing cooperative.” In short, the Alliance for Community Care provides a lifeline to low income and minority families by providing housing and care, and connecting them to the best providers in their areas of service.

When you meet with a substance abuse treatment program at an Alliance for Community Care facility, you will be assessed to determine what your needs are. Treatment programs strive to customize a treatment plan specifically to each client’s needs, so that the goals of the drug rehab and other community care programs are met. For example, some clients may have a particular need such as social networking therapy or career counseling. Others may need more specialized services. All of this is determined by analyzing the characteristics of each client, their histories and current circumstances, as well as the resources of the specific Alliance for Community Care drug and alcohol treatment program.

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