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3339 Mulberry Street, Riverside, California 92501

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Chances Sober Living Homes Riverside CA 92501

If you need help with substance abuse and want to try out a drug rehab in Riverside, you might want to consider looking at the sober living homes in this area. These homes are not as common as other drug rehab facilities, but you may find it more convenient for your recovery. There are also other activities you can do while you are there like yoga classes, art activities, and other things that you would not normally find in a typical drug rehab.

The good thing about these types of homes is that there is not a lot of drugs, substances, or alcohol to be found. This allows addicts and alcoholics to concentrate on healing and changing their lifestyles instead of focusing on the negative aspects of their lifestyle. A drug addiction treatment center might be better at handling substance abuse than a sober living home, as these centers have the ability and funding to include many different types of treatment programs for the patients. However, if you are able to get into one of these homes for your substance abuse and would prefer a more personalized approach to treatment, a drug rehab center may be more appropriate.

The cost of staying at one of the Chances Sober Living Homes is quite affordable, as they do not have a very high start up cost. They offer a wide range of benefits to their residents including lower daily rates, daily food allowance, and daily exercise opportunities. Plus, you will have access to a licensed therapist who is very familiar with drug treatment and will be able to help you sort through all of your options. If you do decide to go to a drug rehab center for treatment, the chances are you will be spending much less money than if you were to stay at a residential treatment center on your own. Even if you are on medication in order to control your substance abuse, a drug rehab center will still help you save money because of the large discounts on their prices.

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