Western Clinical Hlth Servs WCHS Riverside CA 92501

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1021 West La Cadena Drive, Riverside, California 92501

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Western Clinical Hlth Servs WCHS Riverside CA 92501

Western Carolina University has been one of the premier institutions for providing quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs for many years. Providing the best of the East or West Coast, WCHS offers several different treatment options for various degrees of alcohol dependency or abuse. They provide many detoxification programs including detox at their six-patient facility located in Lithia Springs, NC, as well as residential treatment at their twelve-patient facility in Charlotte, NC. The six-patient facility is simply a much larger version of the standard inpatient rehab in that here you will find both, detoxification and residential treatment in one location. Both are fully equipped with top of the line drug rehabilitation programs and specialty clinics.

One of the most notable people to have spent time at WCHS was the late Charles “Mask” Lewis Jr., who was an alcoholic and drug addict. Mr. Lewis was a product of teenage drug and alcohol abuse during the late 1980’s. During this time he became addicted to cocaine and quickly progressed into more serious substance abuse. He served a number of years in state prison for selling heroin and was sentenced to two and a half years in a rehabilitation facility after he was paroled. After serving time he went back to school and earned his degree, which enabled him to get a Master’s in Social Work and Counseling, but still had to work another year before finding full time employment.

When Charles Lewis Jr. left substance abuse treatment, he was determined that he could not put up with the same fate again. He wanted to find help for himself and his family so he went to WCHS to start the process of getting clean and drug free. The staff at WCHS is extremely knowledgeable about drug addiction and works closely with local law enforcement to ensure that the best quality in treatment is provided to all clients. With the highly skilled team of mental health, medical, social work, and clinical staff at WCHS Riverside CA, addicts are provided the highest quality treatment in a safe environment. By working closely with the doctors and other staff members, the counselors, social workers, and therapists of WCHS, a person can receive the help they need for a life without addiction.

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