BAUM KOEN LMFT Mediation & Physchotherapy San Francisco CA 94114

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3896 24th Street, San Francisco, California 94114

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BAUM KOEN LMFT Mediation & Physchotherapy San Francisco CA 94114

The Brain Health Institute at the Behavioral Sciences Institute at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle WA is an innovative, hands-on, addiction treatment program for people with substance abuse problems. The BAUMKOEN LMFT program (formerly known as the Brain Healthy Technology) is a long-term, collaborative effort of Drs. Doug Carr, M.D., and Gregory A. Fabiano, Ph.D. They are joined by neuroscientists, addiction specialists, physicians, and research scientists. The mission of the BAUMKOEN LMFT is to apply cutting edge, science-based treatments and interventions that address the unique pathology of substance abuse, treating both the physical dependence and the psychological components of this condition.

Dr. Doug Carr, one of the founders of the Brain Healthy Technology says, “The main focus of the BAUMKOEN program is to identify, treat, and cure the underlying cause of the disease, rather than just suppressing the symptom. We have found that when we can get a handle on the problem, we can then strengthen the patient’s immune system and help them to cope with the stressors that they face when they are attempting to quit using alcohol or other substances of abuse.” In essence, this alcohol addiction treatment program seeks to make the patient’s recovery from substance abuse as easy as possible. In addition to the psychological component, the BAUMKOEN LMFT program addresses the physical aspect of quitting too hard, with programs like Face Off which provides nutrition counseling and a nutrition plan to patients.

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