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4206 Mission Street, San Francisco, California 94112

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Drug Free Workplace Management Limited San Francisco CA 94112

Drug Free Workplace Management, a leading provider of alcohol and drug addiction treatment in the San Francisco area, has helped many people recover from substance abuse at their jobs. Their outstanding customer service, quality education programs, and detoxification centers are designed to help those who are trying to recover while still working. The goal of the drug rehab facility is to help patients to rid themselves of substance abuse and dependency on alcohol or other drugs while maintaining employment. The program offers several different levels of treatment for those with varying degrees of addiction, ranging from one-day drug rehab to an in-patient program for months.

Drug Free Workplace Management’s philosophy of recovery begins with a core statement that says, “Substance abuse and alcoholism are a national epidemic. In fact, studies show that one out of every four Americans suffers from some form of substance abuse.” The organization offers several different kinds of programs to address substance abuse at the workplace, and each individual has the option of pursuing one of the following paths to alcohol and drug addiction recovery: Treatment as a Day Job, Substance Abuse Treatment as a Fulltime Job, Or a Complete Addiction and Recovery Approach. With the full commitment and experience of therapists, counselors, and staff members, Drug Free Workplace Management is able to offer men and women the chance to reclaim their lives and careers while battling substance abuse. Whether through a detoxification program or one of the many other programs offered, patients receive the personal care, assistance, and tools they need to successfully and completely recover.

If you or someone you know needs help with substance abuse, contact Drug Free Workplace Management today. They offer a full range of alcohol and drug addiction treatment options for all stages of substance abuse, from occasional use to full-blown addiction. Through a dedicated, supportive workforce and a variety of programs, Drug Free Workplace Management is able to provide their clients with the professional care, information, and tools they need to lead a productive, drug-free life. Contact the organization today to learn more about how they can help you find a successful and drug-free work place.

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