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4831 GEARY BLVD., San Francisco, California 94118

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Jennifer Feeley is a world renowned expert in substance abuse and alcoholism treatment. She holds a PhD from Yale University and continues to work at the University of Iowa, as an assistant professor of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, specializing in Chinese studies. Her many publications have been featured in top journals including JIA Journal of Drugs & Alcoholism, Asia Pacific Health, Addiction, and Criminology. Additionally, she has served as a counselor and addiction specialist for women in juvenile prison. Dr. Feeley’s research interests include the connection between social context and sexual attraction; violence and delinquency; ethnicity, gender, and alcohol use and abuse; and child sexual abuse and parental sexual abuse. Her areas of specialty are family systems, social science, sociology, human development, developmental psychology, and law and order.

In her book, The Artist’s Way, Jennifer Feeley presents a unique view of drug rehab, alcoholism treatment, and how to live a successful life. This comprehensive, intelligent textuality probes the nature of realities, the nature of inner and outer space, and the art of listening, writing, and inhabiting. According to the author, in these times when the term “drugs” is bandied about with abandon, it is important for people of all ages to take a critical stance on this global crisis that threatens to destabilize societies, and destroy lives. Through careful analysis, Dr. Jennifer Feeley uncovers the hidden causes of drug abuse, examines the historical origins of drug use and addiction, and offers comprehensive recommendations for healing drug addictions, spurring on a path of personal growth and improvement. Following a lifetime of work in the publishing and cultural industries, Jennifer Feeley now serves as a health consultant for families in rural America, where she helps families understand the recovery process through daily direct experience.

In her book, The Artist’s Way, Jennifer Feeley presents a unique perspective on drug rehabilitation, examines the hidden causes of drug abuse, and teaches individuals how to cultivate a sense of beauty within themselves. The Author’s Way presents comprehensive discussions on ancient philosophy, the nature of reality, and the benefits of cultivating inner beauty. In addition, the book encourages readers to explore the parallel artful journeys of Eastern and Western civilization, and examine the unique intersections of art and medicine. Jennifer Feeley’s unique perspective on drug addiction, alcoholism treatment, and healthy living inspires, informs, and motivate readers to make positive choices about their personal well-being. Combining knowledge and compassion with intellectual acuity, The Artist’s Way by Jennifer Feeley provides an intelligent look at the drug rehab and alcoholism treatment options.

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