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1080 Folsom Street, San Francisco, California 94103

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  • Addiction Treatment
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New Life Center San Francisco CA 94103

If you or somebody you love is fighting the side effects of addiction, treatment at a drug addiction treatment program in San Francisco, California may be an option. The new Life Center in San Francisco offers a complete range of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that address the dual issues of substance abuse as well as mental health disorders. Programs offered at the facility include detoxification, medication management, group therapy and relapse prevention. Some of the treatment programs have additional options such as individual, couples or family therapy depending on the needs of the patient and the support system in the rehab facility.

There are many reasons why people start to turn to drug or alcohol rehab. Substance abuse can cause physical and mental health issues including but not limited to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, liver and heart problems, coordination problems, blurred vision, tardive dyskinesia, hypertension, eating disorders, high blood pressure, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also lead to criminal activities, such as robbery, assault, theft and/or substance abuse. Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence, is the most common drug addiction. Addicts will consume large amounts of alcohol in a relatively short period of time to feel normal, with the effect of the drug making them feel euphoric, alert and energetic for periods of time after that.

Many people believe that there is only one way to recover from a drug addiction and this can lead to a failure in the treatment of the addict. This new rehab in San Francisco offers a drug rehab clinic that allows patients to recover safely under the care of experienced doctors and therapists. Drug rehab programs at the facility offer a variety of drug rehab programs that will work for the specific needs of each individual client. Each drug rehab program is led by licensed, board certified physicians who have years of experience in treating drug addicts and alcoholics. They have expert knowledge of the treatment procedures, giving clients the assurance that they are in the best possible hands.

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