Walden House Multiservice Center San Francisco CA 94103

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1885 Mission Street 2nd Floor, San Francisco, California 94103

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  • Addiction Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

Walden House Multiservice Center San Francisco CA 94103

The drug abuse treatment program at the Walden House is designed to facilitate recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction and other forms of substance abuse. The primary focus of the drug rehabilitation facility is to provide a nurturing environment that empowers families and individuals to deal with the complex challenges of drug addiction. It offers specialized substance abuse treatment programs targeting addiction to cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, alcohol and prescription medications. Treatment includes detoxification services, individual and family counseling, social activities, life skills training, relapse prevention and social service referrals.

The multidisciplinary treatment program provides a 12-step recovery program that incorporates both, inpatient and outpatient services. The outpatient services provide assistance to families and individuals in the recovery process through a range of coordinated activities that address emotional as well as physical needs. The substance abuse treatment program at the Walden House has an entire staff comprised of doctors, psychiatrist and other trained medical professionals. This ensures that clients are receiving high quality care. The multidisciplinary approach of the treatment program at Walden House ensures a safe, effective and confidential drug addiction treatment program. are appropriate for the specific patient. Drug intervention teams are available for inpatient and outpatient treatment. Drug intervention teams are made up of trained individuals who are committed to working closely with patients and their families to offer guidance and help. These teams have professional expertise in alcohol and drug assessment and have been certified in the specific areas of substance abuse and addiction.

Inpatient services are provided by specially trained individuals who are licensed to administer medications and in specialized units called detox units. Detox units are designed to simulate the natural withdrawal symptoms that occur when an addict is giving up drugs. Drug addiction treatment at the Walden House combines inpatient and outpatient services so that individuals can receive treatment while they work on their recovery at home. The multidisciplinary approach at Walden House ensures that each patient receives personalized attention and comprehensive recovery programs.

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