Aafpc Alexian Associates-Family Psycholgy & Cnslng San Jose CA 95127

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3110 Provo Court, San Jose, California 95127

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Aafpc Alexian Associates-Family Psycholgy & Cnslng San Jose CA 95127

AAFPC is an acronym for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center. It is located in San Jose, California and is a drug addiction treatment center. The mission of AAFPC is to offer quality drug rehab facility to people who are addicted to alcohol and who need help with substance abuse issues. AAFPC was started in the year 1973. Since then, AAFPC has been serving people all over the world with drug addiction treatment programs.

AAFPC offers quality drug addiction treatment by offering both inpatient and outpatient drug rehab programs. They also offer spiritual support and counseling services to people who are addicted to drugs. AAFPC is known for its effectiveness in drug rehab programs. A major part of AAFPC’s drug addiction treatment is a 12 step recovery program, which has helped many people kick the habit of drugs. This program focuses on the body, mind, and soul and helps individuals recover from their drug addiction.

AAFPC also offers outpatient treatment where people can attend a program at any time they choose. People who do not wish to enroll in AAFPC’s inpatient drug rehab program can register themselves at other drug rehab facilities. The main advantage of AAFPC is that it is more flexible and convenient to attend the program. However, people have to take into consideration that AAFPC does not have any fellowship or affiliation with any drug rehab facilities hence if you want to attend AAFPC you will have to find some place else.

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