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1954 Camden Ave #1, San Jose, California 95124

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  • Addiction Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment


Addiction to Alcohol or Drug is a major problem which has been increasing in the country and there are many chances that an individual may get addicted to some substance like alcohol, drugs or tobacco. There are many rehabilitation centers available that provide drug addiction treatment program. These drug addiction treatment programs are designed in such a way so that the individuals are able to live their life free from the temptations of the addictive substance. It is very important for an individual who is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction to undergo proper treatment at a drug rehab center so that they can come out of the situation of severe depression, irritability and other mental problems.

Alcoholism or drug addiction is a serious problem faced by millions of people all over the world. The main reason behind the addictive behavior is either physical or psychological. Physical dependency on alcohol or other substance like drugs leads to physiological changes in the body. These physical changes include, loss of appetite, increase in blood pressure, insomnia, muscular weakness, and frequent urination. Psychological addiction causes an individual to crave for substance and eventually become completely dependent on them for the fulfillment of his needs.

Adi-OP is a drug rehab facility that specializes in treating the problem of substance abuse and addiction. The center offers several treatment options to the individuals suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction. These include but not limited to, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, residential treatment and community recovery programs. If you are looking forward to getting rid of your alcohol or drug addiction, then considering the services of Adi-OP would be a good move. Contact Adi-OP and make your dream come true!

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