Alcoholicos Aninomos Alegria de Vivir San Jose CA 95133

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1349 East Taylor Street, San Jose, California 95133

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Alcoholicos Aninomos Alegria de Vivir San Jose CA 95133

Alcoholicos Aninomos Alegraria de Vivirmanor is a drug rehab in the city of San Jose, Costa Rica. This is a center for drug addiction treatment that treats people suffering from alcoholism and drug abuse. The facility has a full service drug rehab center with a full-service physician’s office and nursing care. The entire treatment procedure takes place under the close supervision of the physician. The drug rehab center offers different treatment procedures like detoxification, medication treatment, group therapy and education.

There are various treatment procedures available to the patients who are addicted to alcohol and suffering from alcoholism. Treatment includes individual as well as group counseling sessions. The drug addiction treatment program provides an environment free from all forms of distractions. So you can easily concentrate on the process of recovery and get the maximum advantage out of it.

The drug rehab in Vivirmanor is a very safe place. There is no question of any drug addict turning innocent or becoming a worse person, when he is admitted in a drug rehab center. There is complete strict regulation of the drug intake in the alcoholism treatment program. It is strictly prohibited to give alcohol to the patient during the time of admission. Alcoholicos Aninomos Alegraria de Vivirmanor gives the best treatment to its patients.

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