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Momentum for Mental Health Litteral House San Jose CA 95112

Momentum for mental health is important in that it helps patients gain the strength and confidence needed to address issues and cope with change. Momentum can change rapidly from moment to moment and can be similar to the kind of momentum you feel after a big race – your body and mind feel strong and powerful, but it’s also possible to lose control and fall down. Momentum can also cause the body to fight back against mental health challenges by overwhelming the immune system and sending the person into a state of alarm and anxiety. In this way, momentum can also serve as a useful concept in mental health.

Momentum in a recovery environment is something to be wary of. A steady period of improvement over time can provide a foundation for continued recovery. However, momentum can turn into reverse fairly quickly when a patient regresses. It is important for mental health professionals to watch for this kind of movement within their patients, particularly those who have experienced drug abuse and or alcohol addiction. For these patients, a focus on momentum can be a valuable way of identifying areas of need in the recovery process, developing new ways of approaching problems, and developing new relationships with recovery support teams and their peers.

Momentum for mental health is an important concept for any mental health professional who works with addicts or mentally ill patients. Recovery requires that patients find the strength to move forward even when their resources are slowly ebbing. When a patient’s resources are running low, mental health professionals can find themselves wondering what it will take to get that patient back into a recovery environment. Momentum, by definition, is a general direction that a patient’s life is moving in; however, it may not always be a smooth and continuous path.

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