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125 Vallecitas De Oro, San Marcos, California 92069

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Palomar Health Palomar Outpatient Behavioral Health San Marcos CA 92069

The Palomar Health Center is a comprehensive facility that can treat all types of individuals from alcohol and drug addiction, to eating disorders. Treatment here is confidential so clients feel safe to be examined and treated by trained health care professionals. The drug rehab program offered here at the Palomar Health Center includes detoxification as a first step in the treatment process. It will allow the individual to gradually lose the need for substances of abuse without enduring the harmful side effects. The detox program incorporates lifestyle counseling with medication if necessary.

Clients can find an addiction specialist to serve them in Palomar as treatment for substance abuse treatment. These specialists have extensive experience and are qualified to conduct detox programs. They can also coordinate other treatment services for clients who are addicted to prescription medications. Treatment can take place on an outpatient basis at the Health Center or on a residential level for addicted individuals.

An addiction specialist at the Palomar Health Center can provide individualized treatment plans for their clients. This ensures that the best outcome for each client receives individualized substance abuse treatment. The holistic approach of drug rehab treatment includes nutrition supplements, exercise and meditation programs, medication management, cognitive behavioral therapy and bio-feedback, among others. People suffering from addiction may also benefit from a medically supervised detoxification procedure at the Palomar Health Center. This allows them to recover faster.

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