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103 Chesapeake Ct., San Marcos, California 92069

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  • Addiction Treatment
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US in Recovery San Marcos CA 92069

The US in Recovery San Marcos CA92069 is a powerful resource for finding alcohol and drug rehab facilities. This service is provided through the Multi-Lingual Alcohol and Drug Treatment (MLADTC) Program, a collaboration of several federal and state government agencies. The primary objective of this program is to ensure that persons with substance abuse problems get the help they need. Specific services are offered to persons who live or work in the area. Substance abuse is a significant problem throughout the nation, and the US in Recovery San Marcos is committed to ensuring that all persons with substance abuse problems get the help they need.

Each substance abuse treatment program is led by a professional team of specialists who receive specialized training in substance abuse and addiction recovery. An exception to this is the Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP), which is conducted jointly by the Department of Education and the Department of State. The SATP works closely with local education districts to provide quality education and counseling to students who have substance abuse problems. The San Marcos program is a part of the statewide initiative started by former Governor Ronald Reagan in 1986.

A strong partnership has been developed between the community and the professionals at this drug addiction treatment center. The San Marcos VA Medical Center provides top-notch health care for its patients, while offering convenient on-site clinics, detoxification units, recovery centers, and other drug treatment programs. The doctors, nurses, and therapists at the center are dedicated to making this facility a place where people can receive help for their addictions. US in recovery San Marcos offers quality drug addiction treatment programs and other support services.

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