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Neuropsychological Assessment San Rafael CA 94903

Neuropsychological Assessment is a process by which a person’s state of mind is analyzed in order to determine his or her suitability for drug rehabilitation. In other words, Neuropsychological Assessment is a tool that is used by many different agencies and organizations that offer drug addiction treatment programs, and it is used as a means to evaluate the effectiveness of an individual drug rehab program, and to suggest specific services and programs that can help the person to address his or her drug abuse problem. An individual assessment typically includes a series of interviews, a review of patient history, and is usually administered in person, over the phone, or through the use of computer software. The process of Neuropsychological Assessment in drug rehab programs is designed to help administer drug rehab programs in a way that is both unbiased and objective, in order to provide the most efficient service possible and to ensure quality of care.

A Neuropsychological Assessment is a necessary step in determining the effectiveness of a drug rehab program. Many rehab programs use standardized diagnostic procedures in order to provide a diagnosis, but in order to know whether the person needs further assistance with their substance abuse, an individual assessment can be conducted. These assessments do not attempt to diagnose the person with any particular addiction, but rather simply to determine if they are competent for drug rehabilitation and where they should be assigned for follow-up care. These assessments are often requested by physicians when they are evaluating their patients or when they are simply curious about what is going on in their patient’s life. This makes them valuable for professionals who are concerned about developing an accurate diagnosis and follow-up plan.

Neuropsychological assessments can provide vital information about the root cause of a person’s addiction. This allows experts to devise an effective plan for treating the underlying issues that are causing a person to abuse drugs or alcohol. Many of these underlying issues, such as faulty thinking processes and self-destructive behavior, are also present in other mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and depression. However, a professional can make the right decision about the severity and type of treatment required for a specific person with substance abuse problems by conducting a comprehensive assessment. Proper evaluation and treatment of substance abuse can not only help the patient get better and avoid relapse, it can also save a person’s life.

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