Axelrad Kevin J PhD Santa Monica CA 90403

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1137 2nd Street Suite 207, Santa Monica, California 90403

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Axelrad Kevin J PhD Santa Monica CA 90403

Today’s premiere professional drug treatment center, the Axelrad Center, offers a complete treatment program for people suffering from addictions to alcohol, drugs, or both. Established in 1990, the center is recognized for its dedication to offering comprehensive, innovative, and supportive drug rehab programs to people from all walks of life, including families and friends. At the Center, patients receive expert care by experienced, board certified and licensed therapists who are committed to treating their clients in the most productive manner possible. The staff strives to provide the highest level of support and treatment while ensuring that every patient receives personal attention and has the personal support needed to successfully overcome substance abuse.

The drug addiction treatment program at the center includes detoxification, individualized treatment plans, and after care. In detoxification, the staff will work with you to set up an individualized detox plan that is right for your specific situation and needs. Your treatment plan will consist of medication, therapy, group support, and relapse prevention. After detox, the center works closely to guide you through alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Each week, you will meet with a specially trained therapist to go over the recent events in your life, your thoughts and feelings, and your recovery.

The medically managed program at the center is provided by skilled therapists who have experience treating drug and alcohol addicts. Medically managed programs feature a personalized treatment plan that addresses the physical and psychological needs of each patient. Patients are given individualized attention, which helps to ensure that they receive the best care in a drug addiction treatment facility. Both substance abuse and addiction to alcohol are treatable, and the Axelrad Center is dedicated to treating each patient as unique and providing the best possible care.

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