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690 W. Fremont Ave. #9D, Sunnyvale, California 94087

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Felita W. Fox

Felita W. Fox is a licensed clinical social worker who has been active in the fields of alcohol and drug recovery and alcoholism treatment. She is the executive director of the Center for Drug Education and Consultation, or CADD, an international alcohol and drug treatment agency. Ms. Fox is also the president of The Women’s Addiction Treatment Center, or TATC, which is a treatment center for women. In her role as a clinical social worker, Ms. Fox has dedicated her time to studying and implementing effective programs for drug and alcohol abuse and alcoholism. She has also developed several educational materials and publications aimed at alcohol and drug abuse at the community level. For existing and new clients, please visit her website on how to schedule for an initial consultation.

As a family and marriage therapist, she can specialty in Divorce, Child Support, as well as other marital issues. Substance abuse and alcoholism are very common problems, and she has extensive experience in coordinating drug and alcohol rehab and substance abuse treatment for couples. Her innovative programs and treatment techniques are utilized around the world, resulting in significant improvements for individuals struggling with substance abuse problems.

Ms. Fox is also the co-chairsperson of the board of directors of The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, or CAADD. Her expertise as a family and marriage therapist will serve as an integral part of the therapists and treatment staff at any treatment facility that she is selected as a therapist or consultant. This will allow her to provide quality drug and alcohol abuse and alcoholism treatment and counseling to individuals and couples, regardless of their previous background or treatment experiences.

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