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15480 Ramona Avenue, Victorville, California 92392

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County of San Bernardino Victorville CA 92392

In County of San Benito, there is a high percentage of people who are addicted to drugs. Of course, you should not put the entire blame on the County of San Benito; it is also a fact that many other counties in California have higher drug addiction rates than the County of San Benito. In fact, in some counties like Orange County, the number of drug rehab centers is growing continuously. As the county of San Benito County is trying hard to combat the problem of drug addiction, they are also putting lots of money into the drug rehab and substance abuse treatment programs. One of the most recent programs that the county of San Benito has started is the “AIDS-Free County” program, which seeks to educate the general public about sexually transmitted diseases.

Currently, there are three treatment facilities that are located within the County of San Benito. These treatment centers are Medix Health, St. John’s Wort Treatment Center, and Pacifica Health Sciences Center. All of these treatment facilities aim to give quality substance abuse treatment to those residents of the County of San Benito that are suffering from various addictions such as alcoholism, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction and methamphetamine addiction. All of these treatment facilities are members of the “Compact for Safe Treatment” that is certified by the Commission on Drug Treatment. The entire program focuses on providing the best possible drug and alcohol treatment to their patients.

Medix Health is one of the many treatment facilities that is part of this program. This facility treats several types of people ranging from individuals suffering from the severe addictions to those who have merely met the requirements for admission. The drug treatment center at Medix Health concentrates on treating both physical and psychological disorders associated with substance abuse. They even offer inpatient substance abuse treatment wherein patients are kept in the facility under the close supervision of qualified professionals. For individuals who have met the minimum requirements for admission, but still refuse to continue their substance abuse, they can also opt for outpatient substance abuse treatment. The treatment options that are offered by Medix include inpatient, residential, day treatment, short-term residential rehab, inpatient day care and medication treatment programs.

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