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The medical community is more aware of how to locate drug rehab. Since rehab treatment for alcoholism and addiction has become increasingly popular, the number of people seeking help has multiplied. Long-term use of illegal drugs may cause addiction as well as damage the liver, lungs, kidneys, and other organs. Only a thorough recovery from the addiction can prevent the risk of other health issues. Although long-term effects are not the sole consideration, they are certainly among the most critical factors in deciding whether a patient is fit to enter a rehab program. There are various criteria to determine the suitability of a person for treatment. Having to do with the amount of alcohol or drug use, the number of drug treatments completed, the personality of the patient, or even a lack of health insurance coverage for treatment. Because a recovery from addiction is a challenging goal to attain, it is crucial that the patient’s family and friends have the necessary health insurance to cover the cost of hospital expenses and rehabilitation care. Those without insurance may be responsible for any unforeseen medical expenses or the bills for daily living expenses. Most states require patients to take drug tests before enrolling. If positive, the patient is screened for legal alcohol and drug use. A couple of days after moving into the home of Colton and Michelle Liknes, their four children, Erin and Kyle, began to exhibit behavior which they believed was characteristic of being abused. It was soon evident that Colton was actually battling the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Colton had been on the road to recovery for many years. He knew this family would need the support of others in order to receive the right amount of help. Colton received a text message from his daughter that indicated that she had found her father in the middle of a drug rehab. His response to his daughter, “The next step is up to you”. Colton believes that in order to regain control of his life, he must seek help. Colton had been doing drug rehab for a year. When his addiction worsened, he went to a local hospital emergency room for help. He believed that the drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms were manageable. With help from an experienced staff, Colton began the process of recovery. When Colton arrived at the home of his family, they began a series of support and recovery activities. They gathered together as a family and each held a lesson or story that they wished to share. They shared that Colton was able to accomplish a remarkable amount of sobriety by himself. Colton wants his family to know that he does not want them to experience his difficulties or addiction. However, the lines have agreed to allow him to remain there on a temporary basis. This allows Colton to receive needed assistance while his family adjusts to his new lifestyle. He is planning to return once the family has been cleared for long-term home living. Colton is an excellent example of someone who is able to successfully meet the requirements for alcohol and drug rehabilitation. His success is due to his partner and the medical community in helping him through difficult obstacles. It is encouraging to note that successful recovery is no longer just a dream for some; it is possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of alcohol and drug rehab. Colton believes that his family should be thankful for the help and assistance that are available. They are all proud of Colton’s achievement. Colton is committed to his recovery and to helping others in the same situation as himself. Coltonis eager to complete the transition from alcohol and drug rehab to real life without drugs and alcohol. He has made arrangements with a housing company to provide him with a one-bedroom apartment in order to fully transition to this new lifestyle. life without addiction.