Rapid Detox Recovery Center Domus Retreat Anaheim Hills CA 92807

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27 So. Orange Acres, Anaheim Hills, California 92807

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Rapid Detox Recovery Center Domus Retreat Anaheim Hills CA 92807

Rapid Detox Recovery Center is one of the best drug addiction treatment centers in Orange County, serving some of the most challenging prospects for those suffering from addiction and alcoholism. This sobering center was founded on the premise that people do not recover by simply getting clean from drugs or alcohol. People must undergo a process of cleansing, which will allow them to both remove their addiction from drugs and find healing from alcoholism. At our center, we believe in using 12-step programs, which are essential in our clients recovery.

There is a great deal of controversy in the treatment of substance abuse and eating disorders among our clients, but this center believes that this controversy comes from a misunderstanding of what should be effective. What are these programs doing that is so effective for so many? We believe that our unique approach to treatment and detoxification combined with our scientific approach to nutrition is making a huge difference in our clients recovery and their success rate with substance abuse and eating disorders. Rapid detoxification is becoming more popular as an addictions treatment option. | withdrawal symptoms | detox | withdrawal | detoxification} Rapid detox uses a 12 step program that works to get you through the physical symptoms of detox without letting the cravings for substance abuse take over. Once you have been through this program, you will be better prepared to address your triggers, giving you a chance to avoid relapse. If you decide to go back to drug or alcohol addiction, you will learn how to identify your triggers so that you can avoid them when you are not around substance. Our physicians, medical staff, and counselors are committed to providing you with a clean and healthy living, and a happy and healthy transition into recovery.

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