Americana Management Recovery Home Anaheim CA 92804

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130 South Beach Boulevard, Anaheim, California 92804

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Americana Management Recovery Home Anaheim CA 92804

The Americana Management Recovery Home is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that focus on the concept of “recovery,” which involves getting individuals back to self-sufficiency and their personal life. This is done through a 12 step recovery process, that will help in the gradual return of the client’s health and well-being. The recovery process consists of meeting with the client and discussing the need for drug addiction treatment programs and the steps to follow, as well as individual counseling and therapy. In addition, the program provides support and guidance throughout the process of getting the necessary tools and resources to break free from substance abuse, as well as meeting with family and friends to offer support.

The Americana Drug Rehab center in Orange County, California, is a faith-based organization dedicated to providing quality drug addiction treatment and other related services to those who are fighting addiction. Located in the tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous, which has been serving alcoholics and others for over one hundred years, the center strives to provide education and information about living with substance abuse, as well as conducting peer counseling and group therapy for its clients. Through these various aspects, the members of the center strive to help the client achieve permanent recovery from all forms of addiction. As a member of an Alcoholics Anonymous support group, the Americana Drug Rehab staff is able to provide practical tips to overcoming substance abuse and alcoholism on an individual level.

The Americana Drug Rehab program incorporates recovery planning, individual and group counseling, life skills training, relapse prevention, and case management. The program also offers support during times of crisis as well as confidential financial aid and referral services. The Americana Drug Rehab program provides its clients with the tools needed to cope and overcome substance abuse, as well as offering spiritual and community support. The goal of this drug and alcohol treatment program is to help its clients live productive and successful lives. With the highly trained staff, the experienced therapists, and the comprehensive programs, the Americana Drug Rehab program strives to help its clients achieve permanent recovery.

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