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1215 Sunset Drive, Antioch, California 94509

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Alcoholics Anonymous Antioch CA 94509

For those looking for a drug addiction treatment program in Antioch, CA, there are quite a few options available. The most well known is Alcoholics Anonymous, which is affiliated with the United Way of Contra Costa County and is known for its 12-step programs. Alcoholics Anonymous is a unique facility in that it provides a one on one counseling component along with the support that clients need to be successful at quitting alcohol. A strong belief system is necessary for success, and Alcoholics Anonymous is committed to ensuring that their members are strong enough to keep the faith after they leave the program.

Another treatment program in Antioch is the Narcotics Anonymous program. This particular facility is a bit more involved than Alcoholics Anonymous, though. Their program strives to treat not just alcoholism, but any drug addiction as well. Whether it is prescription drugs or street drugs that are addictive, there are treatment options available for those in the program. There are meetings every Friday at 6pm in the parking lot of the local YMCA to discuss the ins and outs of drug addiction recovery.

To get the recovery that you need from a drug addiction, you must be willing to make changes within yourself and with your surrounding community. The best way to do this is by forming a support system with others who have been through what you are going through. Alcoholics Anonymous and the drug rehab in Antioch can give you the support you need to stay clean while you are receiving treatment. There is no shame in seeking help for yourself, and no reason why you shouldn’t be proud to say that you are a drug rehab success. You will be!

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