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204 S. Beverly Drive, #116, Beverly Hills, California 90212

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Beverly Hills Family Counseling Beverly Hills CA 90212

The Beverly Hills Family Counseling Center is a non-profit, faith-based counseling and therapy organization that offers comprehensive, cost-effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and services to families in the Beverly Hills area. A key component of the center location is its belief that drug and alcohol addiction does not begin in a small part of our lives but rather in all parts of our lives. In fact, the addiction begins in childhood with early exposure to substances like marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, tobacco and inhalants. The belief of the center is that the root causes for these addictive behaviors lie in a broken family structure, a lack of support from parents and other family members, life experiences and circumstances that are outside of the individual’s control.

Through a life-style change and professional help, those who suffer from substance abuse can overcome their addictions and learn to become productive and contributing members of society again. Many addicts go through phases of recovery. If you or someone you love is suffering from any kind of addiction including alcohol or drug addiction, the best advice is to seek treatment. The sooner that an addict receives medical assistance, the sooner he or she can be on the road to recovery. Alcoholism treatment centers in the Los Angeles area provide many options for those suffering from various types of addictions.

Inpatient care is an option for many who have substance abuse problems and who also have a mental health problem. Counseling and medication treatment programs are provided by qualified professionals who have expertise in both areas. This combination of an inpatient treatment facility, a full range of professional services, and the personal and emotional support of a licensed psychologist or addiction counselor can make a big difference in the successful treatment of an addict. If you or someone you love needs help, the Beverly Hills Family Counseling Center can help. Please contact the family counseling office for more information.

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