Stanislaus Recovery Center Adult Treatment Programs Ceres CA 95307

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1904 Richland Avenue, Ceres, California 95307

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Stanislaus Recovery Center Adult Treatment Programs Ceres CA 95307

The Stanislaus Recovery Center has been offering quality substance abuse and addiction treatment programs for people in the areas of California as well as across the country. A unique program, the Stanislaus Recovery Center is a Christian drug rehab facility. As a faith-based drug addiction treatment program, the Center is able to offer its patients many services such as individual and group counseling, group therapy, peer counseling, spiritual support and activities that are centered around spirituality and drug addiction recovery. Patients at the Center are given the option to choose a drug detox program which will help them to eliminate all traces of drugs and other substances from their system and replace it with healthy living alternatives. After detoxification, the patient undergoes follow up treatments that strengthen their body to fight against substance abuse again.

The Stanislaus Recovery Center is known to provide its patients with the most advanced substance abuse treatment methods combined with expert patient care. The therapists and counselors at the center combine traditional medication based addiction treatment methods with addiction treatment methods that are natural and holistic to offer maximum results to their clients. The therapists at the Center for Drug Rehabilitation can also help their patients to create a new life where they can learn to live a drug-free life. They teach the patients how to recognize the signs of addiction and how to overcome it using effective communication and behavior modification techniques.

The outpatient drug treatment centers at the Stanislaus Recovery Center have been found to be very effective when it comes to treating drug addicts. They treat their patients using various methods which may include counseling, medication and therapy. All these treatment methods are combined in a manner that is aimed at achieving a total recovery for the patients. The outpatient program at the Stanislaus Recovery Center is especially designed keeping in mind the needs of the recovering addicts. This ensures that the process of treatment goes smoothly and all their needs are fulfilled. The center provides the necessary assistance to its clients so that they can successfully overcome all their difficulties and start a new life.

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