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1012 East Cooley Drive Suite J2, Colton, California 92324

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Al-Anon Family Groups Colton CA 92324

Al-Anon Family Groups is centers that have been in place since the early 1950s for the help of families experiencing problems with drug and alcoholism addictions. The goal of this organization is to help these families have successful drug addiction treatment programs and keep their families together. It is based in Chicago Illinois and also serves many parts of the country. In a nutshell Al-Anon is a 12-step program that incorporates all the basic tools for effective drug addiction treatment program.

With an Al-Anon family you will have professionals in place that can help you if you are struggling or living with the results of drug addiction treatment programs. They work closely with families and their members to encourage self-rehabilitation and recovery. In fact Al-Anon believes so much in the power of family therapy that they have created a number of options for families who want a complete change of direction or who already have an established pattern of good behavior for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. You can attend a residential drug rehab program through Al-Anon or you may choose from the Al-Anon Treatment Option or a generic drug addiction treatment program. No matter which program you select, your family will be well cared for and you will be able to have some measure of control over the life you lead.

Al-Anon also has various other resources including an online drug addiction treatment program called “Anon Connect”. This site offers a great deal of information for families who are considering going into a long term drug rehab program. If you or someone you know is having difficulty controlling drug use and/or addiction there is very little information on the dangers of using street drugs, there are several options for short term and long term drug rehab programs, and there are local support groups in many areas. If you or someone you know needs help, it would be a shame to let the process drag on with no visible end in sight.Al-Anon is an integral part of the Christian movement and a Christian based organization that strives to help addicts recover from substance abuse and addiction. The Al-Anon network is made up of 12 regional head offices in North America. Each member network, run by an ordained minister or pastor, consists of several hundred members and the main emphasis is on spiritual fellowship.

Members are encouraged to share their experiences with substance abuse, work together to strengthen families, and learn about the spiritual nature of life. Members are also encouraged to help each other through the struggles of everyday life and to be willing to give of themselves in order to make a positive change. There are meetings held on a rotating basis to discuss current events and problems facing families. Often, the general assembly will put together musical programs or readings to enhance the atmosphere of the meeting. Activities may include Bible studies, discussions on Alcoholics Anonymous, Christian song lessons, or family activities.

Many addicts attend Alcoholics Anonymous or meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in order to better understand their condition and find support. Both of these organizations have helped countless people overcome alcoholism or drug addiction and can greatly benefit those searching for a faith-based drug rehab program. If you or a loved one belong to any type of Christian community, church, or school, look into a local group that could provide a great support system for family and friends in need. You will be amazed at how many families have been helped by such a simple group!

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