Central County Adult MH Services Concord CA 94520

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1420 Willow Pass Road, Concord, California 94520

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Central County Adult MH Services Concord CA 94520

The Central County Adult Mental Health Services Division, also known as the CCAHDS, is a division of the State Department of Social Services (SDS) in California. The mission of the CCAHDS is to promote self-sufficiency and community responsibility by providing comprehensive substance abuse treatment in the community and helping those who are suffering from addiction find the help they need. They provide a variety of programs for adults who are suffering from substance abuse. These include drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and other drug abuse prevention and education programs. The Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATAP) provides state-certified treatment and counseling for those who need treatment for substance abuse including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

The CCAHDS provides these programs to the community in conjunction with many community and faith based organizations. One such organization, Crossroads Treatment Programs, Inc., helps people suffering from addiction find the resources they need through comprehensive addiction treatment. The Crossroads Treatment Programs is committed to finding a cure for drug and alcohol abuse, while providing quality addiction help and resources to those who are trapped by the trap of addiction. They seek to empower individuals so they can break free from the clutches of substance abuse. Across our nation people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions are losing the will to live. Many of them have lost the ability to control their use of drugs and alcohol, or they have disregarded their physical and mental health.

The CCAHDS provides training for its staff to educate the community on the disease of substance abuse, while providing local governments with the information necessary to implement prevention strategies. With their expert medical, social, and educational knowledge they help put their patients at the forefront of the treatment process. They do this by advocating for better laws that increase penalties for drug and substance abuse, such as the recently passed Narconon N Narconon Law. They also work closely with our county and state health departments to coordinate community education efforts that address the health and economic ramifications of drug and substance abuse. Through dedication and hard work, The Crossroads Adult Treatment Program has made a tremendous impact on the lives of those living in Central County and throughout the county.

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