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18886 Santa Marta, Fountain Valley, California 92708

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  • Addiction Treatment
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Dee's House Fountain Valley CA 92708

As one of only twelve licensed addicts treatment facilities in the nation, Dee’s House is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of drug addiction treatment available. They offer four different levels of drug rehab services: short-term detox, long-term detox, residential treatment, and outpatient recovery support. Inpatient rehab services offered by the House are limited to patients suffering from a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol. Many times a patient may need to seek outpatient care when returning home from a 12 Step program due to the physical and emotional trauma associated with withdrawal. Some people become so accustomed to their drug of choice, that they will try to stick with it even when they know it is ineffective and can lead to relapse.

This California rehab program provides customized treatment plans for each individual client. Drug addiction counselors and therapists work closely with patients to design a treatment plan that will meet the needs of their particular situation and provide them with a high quality of life. The majority of addicts begin with short-term detoxification, while some seek medical care to treat their addiction and others attempt to go it alone. Regardless of how they got into the addiction, they all must find a way to overcome it in order to start a new life.

The goal of every drug addiction treatment facility is to help their patients return to a drug-free life and become empowered through education, support, and tools that help them change their lives. Most addicts have overcome their addiction in the past and can benefit from further education about substance abuse. Others have learned the ropes on their own and feel that they do not need the guidance of a therapist or attending meetings in a group setting. Either way, clients must be committed to a healthy lifestyle and attend all meetings.

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