Ballinger Annemarie MFT RDT Fremont CA 94536

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38970 Blacow Road Suite C, Fremont, California 94536

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Ballinger Annemarie MFT RDT Fremont CA 94536

Ballinger Annemary trilogy by Anna Pigeon is a novel about addiction, recovery, sobriety, and the human spirit. Anna Pigeon weaves three novels in this series, and the first of the trilogy, The Ballinger Annemary, picks up shortly after the events of The Courier Bride. The first novel chronicles the story of Anna Pigeon’s transformation from an alcoholic who can barely hold down a place to the woman who has just secured her position as head of a drug rehab center. In order to clear her name and save her marriage, she takes an unexpected turn toward alcohol and drug addiction. This dark secret forces Anna into a journey that will take her to the extremes of both alcoholism and drug addiction.

The second novel, The Ballinger Annemary III, chronicles Anna’s journey into recovery. Recovering from her third drug addiction, Anna discovers that the reason for her addiction was not alcohol or drugs per se, but a psychological addiction – an emotional one. With the help of a loving Christian family, Anna is able to overcome her addiction and find happiness again. But even though she is a grownup, the trauma of her childhood sexual abuse resurfaces and she must confront it once again in order to fully recover.

Anna Pigeon’s most recent novel, The Ballinger Annemary trilogy, continues on with the tale of Anna and her addict son, Austin. When Anna realizes that she cannot save her own family, she takes Austin into her arms and the two of them begin to journey back through time. However, they learn that not all memory can be restored and that although Austin has found true happiness with another life, he still has to deal with the dark secret of his addiction and his own demons.

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