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4411 North Cedar Avenue Suite 108, Fresno, California 93726

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Fresno New Connections Fresno CA 93726

Fresno, California, one of the major cities in the Central Valley, is a place where a number of residents struggle with addiction. It is no secret that addiction is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide, and unfortunately, Fresno is not immune to this epidemic. Luckily, there are plenty of treatment options available for those seeking help with their addiction. Addiction treatment is a complex process that requires a multi-faceted approach. The first step in addiction treatment is typically detoxification, or “detox.” During detox, the individual stops using their drug of choice, and their body begins to rid itself of the toxic substances left behind from drug abuse. Detox can be a difficult and uncomfortable process, but it is absolutely necessary for a successful recovery. Following detox, the next step in addiction treatment is typically inpatient or outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment involves residing at a treatment facility for a set period of time, typically ranging from a few weeks to a few months. Patients receive intensive individual and group therapy, education on addiction, life skills training, relapse prevention, and much more. Inpatient treatment is ideal for those with severe and long-term addiction or those who lack a supportive home environment. Outpatient treatment is a more flexible option for those with less severe addiction or those who cannot leave their homes or jobs for an extended period of time. Outpatient treatment typically involves regular meetings with a counselor or therapist, group therapy, and education. Outpatient treatment allows patients to maintain their daily lives while still receiving the support they need to overcome addiction. Another option for addiction treatment in Fresno is medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT involves the use of medication to help ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. While medication cannot “cure” addiction, it can be a valuable tool in managing the symptoms of addiction during the recovery process. Fresno also offers a variety of support groups and programs for those in recovery. These groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), provide a supportive community for those in recovery. They offer a chance for individuals to share their struggles and successes with others who have been through similar experiences. Overall, addiction treatment in Fresno is widely available and offers a range of options for those seeking help. It is important to remember that addiction is a disease, and there is no shame in seeking treatment. With the right support and resources, recovery is possible.

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