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326 South L Street, Livermore, California 94550

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Jeannie Wolitzer MFT Livermore CA 94550

Jeannie Wolitzer is an award winning author, motivational speaker and professional who have been sober for twenty-five years. Over the years, she has helped thousands of people reclaim their lives, provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and create a better quality of life through alcohol and drug addiction treatment. She has dedicated her professional career to assisting addicts heal from alcoholism and drug addiction while helping them discover how to achieve sobriety using a drug addiction treatment program that works. In her book titled “The Power of One,” she shares her personal experience with sobriety-centered, one-on-one recovery programs in creating sobriety and staying sober.

As a former addict and friend of recovering addicts, Jeannie has developed a drug addiction treatment approach that provides customized programs and the tools needed to help people recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. This is unlike the generic or ‘one size fits all’ drug addiction treatment programs that are offered by many addiction treatment centers. Through her one on one approach, she shares her expertise and recommendations on what individuals need to do to recover from drug addiction, including how to stay sober and clean, and the tools needed to do so. She provides specific examples of drug addiction that can occur from peer pressure to recreational drugs such as cocaine and crystal meth. She also discusses the biological and behavioral factors that lead to drug addiction and alcoholism and the different treatments available.

What you will discover in this inspirational book is a clear description of the process of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. Along with the practical application of what she teaches, you will also learn about the fundamental principles of living in an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle and how to accomplish it. You will see how the understanding of these principles can transform your life and the lives of others. If you are ready to get the help you need to conquer drug addiction and alcoholism today, you must read and learn more from Jeannie Wolitzer. You will benefit from this one on one motivational tool that has changed the lives of many. To learn more about this amazing addiction and recovery program today, please visit our site below.

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