Inner Work with Karalee Hayes

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1710 Hillhurst Ave Suite 202, Los Angeles, California 90027

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Inner Work with Karalee Hayes

Inner Work with Karalee Hayes is the first drug addiction treatment program designed and directed by an AVRO certified Therapist. Ms. Hayes has over twenty years experience in the field of addiction recovery, specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. She has developed her own 12-step program for dealing with alcohol and drug addiction that has been successfully used in conjunction with psychotherapy and other alternative forms of treatment. The Inner Work with Karalee Hayes DVD is a simple, quick, effective program that helps you to quickly identify and eliminate the source of your problems. Ms. Hayes is able to effectively teach you how to break free of your negative emotions and behaviors, as well as, how to deal with and overcome the physical cravings that often lead to drug and alcohol abuse. The main focus of this program is you learning to become a “well rounded” human being who is able to live a productive life, without using drugs and alcohol.

The main focus of substance abuse and addiction recovery with Karalee Hayes is on the individual’s ability to understand their past behaviors and thoughts about substance abuse, how those thoughts and beliefs are influencing their lives and their future. It teaches the person how to make healthy choices, choose from different options and how to view situations rather than focusing on the immediate, “what is happening right now”. This addiction treatment program incorporates behavior therapy and mindfulness that give you the tools to change your behaviors, thus, improving your quality of life. You will also learn to identify the root cause of your cravings, discover what your personal relationship triggers are and how to manage and cope with these triggers. The goal of Inner Work with Karalee Hayes is to give you tools so that you can understand your addictive personality traits and understand yourself and your cravings in a new way. By making changes in your thought processes and behaviors, you will be able to gain control over your substance abuse problem.

This is an addiction treatment program designed for people who have struggled and failed with substance abuse before. Karalee Hayes shows you how to break through addiction and create a brand new successful life by overcoming substance abuse. This program was created by Holly Hayden, a young woman who struggled with addiction for many years. Through her own experiences she came up with some of her own key concepts in this program to help others reclaim their lives and their health.

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