Latino Family Alcohol and Drug Services Center Los Angeles CA 90022

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5801 East Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90022

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Latino Family Alcohol and Drug Services Center Los Angeles CA 90022

Women For Healthy Living’s founders are sisters Debra and Felipe DiClemente. In their own words, they “fought hard to create a drug and alcohol rehab center that would serve the entire Hispanic community. People of color and women are very aware of the crisis of substance abuse and its horrific effects. They know that it destroys families, crushes hopes, turns lives upside down, and destroys the dreams of countless young girls and boys.” Their belief and desire to see this center succeed have spurred it on to success.

The drug and alcohol rehab facility are located in a part of Hollywood where people go to Hollywood for all sorts of reasons. Celebrities are always in the news, making it easy for people to seek treatment at the center. Many famous people have gone to or are going to rehab clinics for drug and alcohol abuse. This includes former First Lady candidate Michelle Obama. She had to endure a difficult substance abuse and alcohol problem her whole life. Many people who knew her personally have encouraged her to get help when she needed it.

Many celebrities are not the only people who have gotten help from the center. Other families have also found great success through the many innovative programs that are offered there. The center offers gender-specific treatment for families that understand the problems that affect their daughter only. They will find the best possible resources and the best qualified staff to treat everyone in the family. In Los Angeles, you will find the best of the best when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs.

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