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1055 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1670, Los Angeles, California 90017

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Pathfinders Los Angeles CA 90017

Pathfinders is a Christian based organization that offers a variety of services to people in the Greater Los Angeles Area. The drug and alcohol treatment program at Pathfinders combine effective drug rehabilitation with spiritual fellowship, which allows recovering addicts to overcome their physical and spiritual dependencies upon alcohol or other substances. It also builds self-empowerment, confidence, and the determination needed to truly make a positive change in one’s life. With innovative approaches to recovery, the drug and alcohol rehab at Pathfinders provide one of the best programs in the nation for substance abuse treatment.

Pathfinders believes that a drug rehab is the first step in getting a drug user off drugs and away from the world that is potentially threatening. A number of treatments are offered by Pathfinders that will help a person recover from alcoholism and its related problems. These include individual and group counseling, group therapy, educational seminars, work placement, spiritual support, and participation in AA meetings. The goal of Pathfinders is that those who enter the alcohol and drug rehab program be able to fully integrate into their lives and live sober. With this comprehensive approach, those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs can achieve lasting sobriety.

There are several treatment options available at Pathfinders. These include detoxification, where the patient is partially detoxed from alcohol or drugs; residential treatment, which combines outpatient medication to achieve detoxification; and short-stay treatment, which is for those who have only experienced substance abuse and are not ready for long-term detoxification. In the short-term treatment program, patients undergo a comprehensive detoxification process that removes physical and chemical toxins from the body. They are then educated, counseled, and taught how to cope with withdrawal symptoms and remain drug and alcohol free. A 12-step program is also provided to Pathfinders clients, which helps them develop an addiction-free life.

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